“We hear almost daily praise in respect to your typing programme and it is such an important service you offer, since the use of laptops almost certainly rescues many children.”  Mary Lobascher, Priciple Clinical Pyschologist, The Portland Hospital for Women and Children.
The course for all those who want to master the keyboard simply and speedily
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Dyspraxia and the benefits of touch-typing

Dyspraxia can make the process of writing laborious and even painful. This is why touch-typing is so frequently recommended for those with dyspraxia.

Once able to touch-type students can transfer their thoughts to paper without the frustration experienced when handwriting.  Creativity is unlocked and the student’s self-esteem greatly enhanced.

As with Dyslexia, in certain examinations students who have been diagnosed by a recognised body may use a laptop.

The course was originally designed to meet the needs of those with dyspraxia and dyslexia and we have developed an expertise that leads Special Needs Teachers, Occupational Therapists and Educational Pyschologists to regularly recommend our course to parents.

Some Comments

“This course was ideal for my son’s needs. Very impressed with the teaching.”
Father of 11 year old with moderate/severe dyspraxia

“Wonderful, sympathetic, understanding, professional teaching. Tom can now type stories on his own laptop.” 
Mother of 8 year old

“It’s going to be a huge benefit to Tom when he starts Secondary School next year. We’re really proud of what he
has achieved.” 
Mother of 11 year old with dyspraxia and dyslexia

 “Of all the ways in which we have tried to help Mark, learning to touch type with YES, I can touch-type has been
by far the most beneficial. For the first time Mark can express himself in his own words using a laptop at school.”  
Mother of 10 year old