“For many, touch-typing offers a whole new opportunity to learn to spell.” The International Dyslexia Association.
The course for all those who want to master the keyboard simply and speedily
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Touch-typing and dyslexia

For those with dyslexia or dyspraxia the use of a computer as an enabling technology provides a huge boost. Educational Psychologists, Special Needs Teachers and Occupational Therapists are increasingly realising the value of touch-typing. 

YES, I can touch-type was originally designed to teach young people with dyslexia and the great thing is that all children
follow the same course and there is no sense of being ‘labelled’. In fact dyslexic children have often been among our most successful students.

Many of our parents have commented on the improvement in their child’s spelling and punctuation that has come about after learning to touch-type. Moreover, the mastery of a skill so closely associated with literacy gives a huge boost to confidence that carries over into other areas of work.

Some Comments

“I was very sceptical about the claim that anyone would be able to touch-type in only ten one-hour lessons since my son
had previously tried another course with little success. After only seven lessons he had mastered the keyboard, which was absolutely astonishing.”
Mother of 9 year old student with dyslexia

My son has dyslexia and being able to find something to do with words and letters relatively easy has given his confidence
a real boost. He can’t wait to show all his friends at school!”
Mother of 9 year old

“All our attempts to teach Philip to touch-type at home using computer programs has failed. I am so pleased he went
on this course. It has made all the difference.”  
Mother of severely dyslexic 11 year old

“The confidence Jordon has gained has extended to other areas of his work. His sense of achievement has helped his school work and his general attitude.”  Father of 12 year old