The course for all those who want to master the keyboard simply and speedily
The course for all those who want to master the keyboard simply and speedily
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Touch-typing: a skill for life in just 10 hours


‘Great teaching, wonderful encouragement, a warm, friendly atmosphere; the results in ten hours were amazing. It boosted my son’s confidence.’
Mother of 13 year old boy

For all young people the ability to touch-type is an invaluable skill that will serve them throughout their education and beyond.

  • Efficiency and speed in study are greatly increased
  • Well-presented work increases self-esteem
  • Computers and the internet are used effectively
  • There are particular benefits for those with dyslexia or dyspraxia

With proper tuition children can learn to touch-type surprisingly quickly and, what’s more, enjoy the whole experience.

Young people appreciate being taught in a small group environment where they are treated as individuals. They find our Yes, I can touch-type program, which was developed specifically for teaching young people, enables them to rapidly master the keyboard and the constant guidance of a skilled and friendly tutor avoids the frustration so often associated with learning a new skill.

Courses are led by a qualified teacher and all staff have CRB ‘enhanced clearance’.


Parents have expressed amazement at how effective the course is, how quickly their children have leaned to touch-type
and how much they have enjoyed attending.

Some Comments

“Chris was amazed that he was able to learn to touch-type in just 10 hours”
Mother of 12 year old boy

“Fantastic – both tutor and course,” Mother of girls aged 14, 12 and 10

“It is all very positive. There is no sense of failure at all. Progress is steady and quick.”
Mother of 14 year old girl

“An extremely friendly teaching environment which promotes happy and speedy learning.” Mother of 12 year old boy

“Very committed and enthusiastic about getting the children to learn quickly.”
Mother of 12 year old boy

“Max is super-pleased. He is the only one in his class who can type properly.”
Mother of 10 year old


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