The course for all those who want to master the keyboard simply and speedily
The course for all those who want to master the keyboard simply and speedily
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Touch-typing taught in just 10 hours


How "YES, I can touch-type" was developed

YES, I can touch-type is based in South-East London.

The YES, I can touch-type course was established at Yes, Tuition and Training in 2004 as a result of observing children learning to touch-type. All too frequently they became confused and frustrated, eventually giving up and going back to their ‘finger poking’ method. The problem lay not with the children but with the programs that were being used and the teaching method.  

In response to this an entirely new program was developed at Yes, Tuition and Training and a different approach to teaching adopted. The result was immediate; children could routinely be taught in 10 hours and because they were experiencing success from the very first lesson they became motivated to complete the course and found they actually enjoyed the whole process.  

Over the past twelve years the reputation of the course has spread across London and beyond. Furthermore, as children went back to their schools and demonstrated their touch-typing skills we were approached by several schools to run after school and lunchtime clubs and other courses for them.

We are particularly proud that the popularity of YES, I can touch-type has come about through word of mouth and personal recommendation.