Now booking for Saturday Sessions and Easter Holiday Courses

The course for all those who want to master the keyboard simply and speedily
The course for all those who want to master the keyboard simply and speedily
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Touch-typing taught in just 10 hours

Specialists in providing touch-typing lessons for children and young people

Now booking Saturday Sessions and Easter Holiday Courses

The YES, I can touch-type course is the simplest and speediest way for anybody to learn the invaluable skill of touch-typing.

Yes, Tuition and Training specialises in teaching touch-typing to children and young people from 7 to 18 years.

Full courses take ten hours and parents and students can ‘pick and mix’ dates and times to suit their convenience. We try to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs. Pupils work at their own pace and can therefore join the course at any time.

We will be running courses on Saturdays and during the Easter holidays.

The genuine comments of parents, children and professionals within education reproduced throughout these pages bear testimony to the proven success of our unique, ten-hour ‘Yes, I can touch-type’ course.

Our aim is simple: that young people should enjoy learning to touch-type in a safe, pleasant atmosphere and look forward
to the lessons.

The course combines:

  • Constant guidance: from experienced, enthusiastic and sympathetic tutors
  • A unique program: developed by us and suitable for all learners
  • Small groups: just four students to each tutor creates a pleasant, friendly atmosphere
  • Flexibility for parents: you can pick days and times to suit your convenience.
  • The course may be completed in one week or the hours spread throughout the holiday.

A recent email from a mother booking a second daughter for our course

Sydenham High School

“In 2006 our eldest daughter Sarah, (dyslexic) attended your touch typing course for a week. It is the best money I have ever spent on her! The course was excellent; it gave her a valuable skill which she has been able to use every day. Sarah is now 18yrs old and, in lectures, finds her touch typing skills a great advantage!”

Sydenham High School

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